Why choose us?

Highly Committed

We are driven – but we have a sense of humour. We’re known for our optimism, and for being 100% committed to ensuring your assets and business are prepared and protected to meet your future objectives.

Highly Qualified

Brian holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management, and has presented at conferences across Australia (ATMIA and ASIS) and in Europe (ESTA Conference in Monaco). He’s also an expert consultant on Channel 7’s The Daily Edition.

Competitively priced

As a small operation, our services are competitively priced. Savings are directly passed onto our clients.

Global contacts

We have an extensive network of global contacts to offer the best possible solution for a given security issue.

Transport & Logistics

We bring decades of expertise in transport and logistics, sensitive freight, high value cargo and high-risk industries.

HR Experience

We have extensive HR experience in a unionized environment.

Commercially Balanced

We provide commercially balanced security advice for todays competitive market.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your unconditional satisfaction with our work. If you do not feel full value was received, you can pay based on how much value you did receive – even if that's nothing at all.

High Risk Specialists

With a background in law enforcement, financial services and transport and logistics for listed organisations, and after holding senior security roles overseeing operations in high risk industries, we have extensive experience in high security systems and risk management controls.

High Security Specialists

We have significant commercial operational management experience. This provides us with a generous amount of insight and understanding of the commercial pressures that operate within an organisation, and sound knowledge on how to balance that with security and risk measures.