How we work

We help managers and senior enterprise advisors seeking specialized security advice to meet their organization’s specific needs.

  1. We’ll start with an initial meeting with your organisation’s executive team to determine the scope of the problem
  2. Joining forces with all appropriate staff members, we’ll do an assessment to map the framework of your organization’s operational or risk management situation, ranking all relevant issues, along with current measures that are already in place and those which need to be implemented
  3. We’ll measure the proficiency of each of the risk controls or operational processes, and, working alongside your staff, establish how to improve each one
  4. We’ll provide a documented report outlining the consequence and likelihood of each risk, demonstrating how they would be improved by our recommended actions.
  5. For operational matters, we’ll provide you a business case with regards to operational process changes detailing the demonstrated cost savings to the business.
  6. We’ll meet with you within 72 hours for a review and follow up.
  7. We’ll deliver the final report.