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Delivering premium quality security, risk, resilience and communications consultancy services Australia wide.

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Expert security, risk and operations management advice, Australia wide

We specialize in corporate security services, standards and compliance; physical security; ICT security; information security; audit and reviews; and security governance. We also work with operations management procedures, operational efficiency, union negotiations, team up-skilling and team cohesion.

What Will You Get When You Work with BJL?
  • We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality security, risk, resilience and communications consultancy services
  • We provide value to our clients by offering pragmatic, superior and cost-effective solutions that mitigate identified risks
  • We’re a small team and not tied up in bureaucracy and red tape, which means we can respond and react quickly and efficiently – when you need us, not hours or days later
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Why engage a consulant?

Unlike a security manager, who has to juggle the multitude of daily responsibilities, a consultant has the ability to work full time on your project. And while security managers have great security knowledge, they are normally not expert writers or presenters.

Consultants have experience conducting formal assignments, writing reports, and making presentations. Designing security for a new facility? Developing a workplace violence program? Preparing an RFP for a new video surveillance system? These kinds of projects are best done with the help of a consultant who has the kind of expertise in these areas a security manager might not have.

A consultant will often save your organization time and money by doing things more efficiently, avoiding costly mistakes, and preventing the purchase of unnecessary equipment or services.

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